Stowers vs Wolodzko

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Wolodzko revolves around the confinement of Mrs. Stowers, a Michigan resident who lived with her husband and two children. Mrs. Stowers was confined in a private mental hospital, in accordance with a court order that was obtained by Dr. Wolodzko and Dr. Smyk. Dr. Wolodzko and Dr. Smyk were under the instruction of the plaintiff’s husband, who wanted his wife’s mental competency evaluated. In December 1963, the doctors signed a statement declaring that they found Mrs. Stowers mentally ill (Stowers, 1971). This allowed for the removal of her from her home in an arguably traumatizing fashion.
She was transferred via ambulance to Ardmore Acres. Once the patient arrived at Ardmore Acres, she was refused permission to use the telephone. However, days later, Mrs. Stowers located an unlocked telephone, and was able to contact her relatives. This lead to her release from Ardmore Acres due to a court order obtained from her relatives that she contacted. Mrs. Stowers filed suit against Dr. Wolodzko (Dr. Smyk and Ardmore Acres were dismissed from the suit). Dr. Wolodzko was found guilty of three torts against Mrs. Stowers, which included false imprisonment, assault, and battery (Stowers, 1971). In my opinion, I believe the decisions from this case were correctly ruled, especially the tort of battery.
One definition of battery is the unwanted or unconsented touching from a health care professional (Showalter, 68). This is the type of battery that is least…
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