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STP ANALYSIS OF TERM PAPER ON STP ANALYSIS SUBMITTED TO: Afreen Choudhury Senior Lecturer Business Administration East West University SUBMITTED BY: GROUP NAME: PROACTIVE SUBJECT CODE: MKT 101 SECTION: 06 Group members are NAME | ID | Nusrat Jahan Nishi | 2011-1-10-220 | Zamrana Ahmed | 2011-1-13-041 | Raisa Tasnim | 2011-1-10-222 | Tahrima Khan | 2011-1-10-226 | Mezbah Uddin ahmed | 2011-1-10-22 | Letter of commence…show more content…
* Occupation: Different types of occupation needs different types of shoes. Bata produce formal, casual, sports shoes etc. So it becomes easy for the consumer to select shoes of their respective occupation. * Generation: It has generation segmentation for baby, young, older. Like: Island, Bubble gummers, Marie Claire, Hush puppies.etc. 2 * Psychographic segmentation: Bata divides their buyers into different groups based on social class, lifestyle and personality: * Social class: Bata has shoes for upper class, middle class and lower class people. So that people from every class can purchase their products. * Lifestyle: Bata has products for people of different lifestyle. Like some people love colorful shoes, Bata makes funky shoes for them. Some people are always very formal; Bata makes formal shoes for them. Formal shoe Funky shoe * Personality: Bata has shoes for Compulsive, gregarious, authoritarian, ambitious personality also. 3 * Behavioral Segmentation: Bata also divides buyers into groups based on their occasion, benefits, and uses rates: * Occasion: During different types of occasions or festivals Bata brings new designed product with new services and price

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