Str 581 Ethics Reflection Paper

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Ethics Reflection Paper
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These beliefs and values can be outlined in a company’s mission, vision, and philosophy statements that provide direction, purpose, and a clear understanding of an organization’s behavioral expectations and decisions made by the stakeholders. When adhered to, the mission and vision statements can be the baseline for goal-setting and strategic planning while keeping ethics at the core of all decisions This is a powerful paragraph that is right on the point but do not forget to cite the sources, even if you are paraphrasing. . Even with a strategic plan and ethical guidelines established, unethical behavior is always a possibility that could occur at a management or subordinate level. According to Pearce and & Robinson (2009), “central to the belief that companies should be operated in a socially responsive way for the benefit of all stakeholders is the belief that managers will behave in an ethical manner” (p. 60). Too many top-level management and executives have acted inappropriately and have violated company policies. This was witnessed through events such as the Enron, WorldCom, and Bernie Madoff scandals where unethical behaviors was were called into question. Employees, specifically those in a management positions, have an obligation to do what is right for the sake of their customers, the industry, and to help maintain the company’s image and reputation. When this fails to happen, the owners and board of directors must take the

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