Str-581 Week 4

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Growth Realization Alternatives
Distinguishing one 's firm from the alternatives is a major concern for any business. Strategic analysis provides the starting point in the strategic management process organizations use to evaluate and choose the competitive advantages that distinguish them from other organizations within the market. Dominating businesses should also "choose among alternative grand strategies to guide the firm 's activities, particularly when they are trying to decide about broadening the scope of the firm 's activities beyond its core business (Robinson & Pearce, 2009)."
What Companies Must Consider to Realize Growth
Firms must consider many strategies when attempting to realize growth. Depending upon the stage of
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Kudler has the advantage of hiring and training highly skilled employees in specific specialized areas within the organization. Highly skilled employees provide Kudler the advantage of training customers in the culinary areas. The bakery offers cooking classes to the customers, thereby offering specialized classes otherwise unavailable to the public.
Kudler plans to expand these areas in the future, providing a multitude of specialized classes to its loyal customers. Offering cooking classes in many areas of the store makes customers more interested in shopping the store and learning new techniques in cooking healthy fares for their families. In addition to offering these classes, the employees are to be cross trained in many areas to provide a pleasant shopping experience for Kulder 's customers. The customers will also be provided with brochures of the dishes they will learn in the store that will provide the recipe and food suggestions that will go with the main dishes taught in the class. This suggestive information has been proven effective in marketing strategies; therefore, Kudler will use this suggestive marketing technique to increase the buying desires of the customers.
Key Functional Area and Strategy
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