Str 581 Week 5

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Strategic Plan Draft
Michael Sunnaa
Strategic Planning & Implementation/ STR 581
March 12, 2012
John Pang

Summarize It! is a new company in the works which will summarize deposition transcripts for attorneys. To help ensure the success of the company, a strategic plan has been developed. In doing so, it is essential to incorporate an implementation plan. The implementation plan will outline steps such as identifying objectives, functional tactics, action items, milestones and deadlines, tasks and task ownership, and resource allocation. In addition, it is important to identify any areas in which organizational change management strategies can be put into place, as well as key success factors. A budget, forecasted financials, and
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The first step in doing this is to recognize what can be changed. As Summarize It! is a sole proprietorship, the company is managed strictly by the Owner. However, it could be useful for the Owner of Summarize It! to outsource some tasks to she is not familiar with to free up time to focus on other tasks. For example, the Owner does not have experience developing or maintaining a website and thus a website designer should be sought out to do the necessary work required. In addition, an attorney or should be used to draft a contract to be used with its clientele. As Summarize It! is a new start-up company it is important to determine first what currently works with the system in place, and what needs changing. Until this happens a more concrete change management strategy cannot be put into place.
Key Success Factors
Summarize It! will look at several factors to determine the success of the company. The first of these is in the marketing area. As direct mail marketing is undertaken it will be important to determine how many new clients come from this marketing strategy. Knowing how clientele is obtained will be key in determining which marketing strategy is most effective. In addition, another measurement tool to determine if the service provided is successful is to receive feedback from the clients after the summaries are delivered. This is important to ensure the clients are happy and will return in the future. Following up with the
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