Stragetic Management Essay

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Stragetic Management

1. Introductiom

USQ MGT8039 Strategic Leadership S2, 2005 Study Book (p 1.11), sighted
that Hoskisson, Hitt and Ireland (2004, p.37) defined strategic
leadership as “the ability to anticipate, envision, maintain
flexibility and empower others to create strategic change as
necessary… managing through others, managing an entire enterprise
rather that a functional subunit”.

2. Critical Analysis

Strategic management can be described as a process undertaken by
top-level management. Thomson el all (2002, pp. 3-15)) elaborate that
strategic management is process about defining the purpose of existent
of an organization, formulating a long term strategy to fit
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Nicholls (1994) also added that strategic
leadership of an organization requires equal attention to both paths
finding and culture building. He further explained that in “performing
this strategic role, strategy formulation and strategy implementation
are no longer sequential and separate but are subsumed in the
complementary leaderships of path finding and culture building”.
Strategic thinking (Bonn, 2001), decision making (Harrison &
Pelletier, 1997) and culture building (Nicholls, 1994) which are
associated with human cognitive capability and behavior, required
strategic leadership approach in developing and capitalizing these
aspects of human resource to support and ensure the success strategic
management process.

Even though the above observations were made to support the author
stance, it would presumptuous to conclude that the practice of
strategic leadership would ensure the success of strategic management.
Richardson (1994) in his “strategic configuration” model, explained
that the domain of strategic management consist of many components,
which includes, decisional processes, environmental circumstances,
critical problems, political situation and leadership style. These
components according to him, are multi-facet and interactive and the
effectiveness of the “strategic configuration” are dependent upon the
deployment of all of the components.

3. Conclusion

By definition,…