Stragtegies for Reviewing Essays

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This last semester, Fall, has been really beneficial to me. During this semester, I worked in many projects including four essays, grammar exercises, and other group activities. Although in the beginning of the semester I had some problems drafting and mainly revising my essays, now I feel more prepared to deal with all of these. Of all my essays, I worked in matters such as literature narrative, rhetorical analysis, synthesis, and a persuasive paper. My first essay, literature narrative, supposed to be the easiest to be work on. However, since it was the first essay of the semester, it was not easy. After spending a whole Summer resting and not thinking at all in subjects related to school, I faced the problem of inactivity. I…show more content…
My task was to go over my main topic in essay two, and look deeper for specific issues related to that major topic. The three articles supposed to address the same issue. At that time, I was working faster and knowing better how to proceed with the task, – I was at the “automatic student mode”. I did not want to commit the same mistake committed on essay two; therefore, I used another tool to help me with my citations. I used the Purdue Owl website. It is a good website, in which tells in a clear way how to deal with MLA format. Although I did a much better job formatting properly my work, I failed in choosing one out of the three articles that did not talk about the same issue. So, it made my work missing connection between the three articles. Even so I do not have yet my grade and feedback, I believe I did my best job on essay 4. Before starting this assignment, I thought to myself what was my biggest problems so far and what should I do to fix it and make a good work. After some time, I figured out I needed to be as clear as possible on my points. I also needed to look carefully my examples and data that would support my main points and always remember to come back on my thesis or main point. Besides that, the main point of this assignment was to persuade the readers. Thus, was necessary to consider any side even if I did not agree with that. In addition, I opted to start giving a general information about the topic, technology. At

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