Straight Out Of Compton Essay

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Straight Out of Compton: Marketing of a New Culture
1988, That’s when the so called “Gangsta Rap” emerged with the album Straight out of Compton N.W.A as a huge product that appealed to the young generation of African Americans since it was the rawest thing they’ve heard, in my opinion, it is as raw as the reality surrounding young African Americans, which is the reason why it became something huge. The album Straight out of Compton, N.W.A is one the most successful figures in the hip-hop industry by being a classic that is still being played to this day. The huge success was rewarded by the most important certifications in the world of music, by being a double-platinum which means this it doubled the minimum limit for the certification of
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The success the N.W.A group artists consists of avoiding being taking advantage of by managers who do it because artists know less about paperwork, transactions and which type of business to do at the right point of time. O’shea Ice Cube Jackson got into a financial dispute between him and the N.W.A manager, Jerry Heller. The dispute was settled in-court in 1990. After the fact, Cube continued a successful solo career. After that the N.W.A continued working on the same path, despite of the obstacles by being criticized by politicians, Ban of sales from few retailers because it was the purest form “Gangsta Rap” full of violence, misogyny, but also a lot of humor, and pathos. Politicians spent amounts of energy to stop it from being something, it was simply wild. The politicians might take the side that says this specific type of music influence young African Americans to do crimes and do what gangs do as described in the songs yet, the beauty of it is that it’s purely honest, and making Compton visible on the world
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