Straight Out of Compton Review

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Jacques Baynes ENG 101 October 2, 2015 Brad Baumgartner Straight Out Of Compton “Any publicity is good publicity. “Aspiring rapper Eric “Eazy-E” Wright states to the rest of his fellow N.W.A brothers as they sit to discuss the police and F.B.I threats that they have been receiving in the mall. The movie Straight Out of Compton is based on the true story about six troubled some young black men residing in Compton, California who rise unexpectedly to fame, using their viciously honest rhymes, die hard beats, and frustrations about their lifestyle in the streets of the hood. Active from 1986 to 1991 these six men Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Arabian Prince, MC Ren, and DJ Yella have endured enormous controversy owning to their explicit…show more content…
The movie Straight Out of Compton is an intense rollercoaster of chaos and suspense, but is too graphic and real for the faint of heart to handle. Raw and cutting edge as it can get director Felix Gary Gray’s ideas for the series of historical events that had impacted the group N.W.A begins to take shape starring from the actions of police brutality throughout the Los Angles and Compton area in California. Despite Gray’s best intentions to relive the historical events referring to the Rodney King case where a black man was beaten severely by ten white police officers without aid, later founding the police men innocent in all claims of the beating. As a result, the Los Angels riots started to were thousands of people set fires and burned down local community stores due the incident being considered a race factor. Later to the sad and emotional death of the young MC and business entrepreneur, Eazy-E stating that he had transmitted AIDS. If Straight Out of Compton contained less graphic violence, then I would feel like it could be established and put out more for a broader audience. I get the feeling that Straight Out of Compton reception of reliving the tales of each member of N.W.A and the group’s music career will be the movie’s most valuable
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