Strain On Earth's Most Vital Resources

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Strain on Earth’s most vital resources. In order to see the strain that we humans put on the environment around us all a person would have to do is walk about the average American city. Everywhere you look there are buildings and pavement, most places have little to no plant life, the air is hazy with pollution, and garbage and waste are being dumped into the fresh water supply. In the words of the great Jacques Cousteau, “Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.” In making this comment, Cousteau urges us to take a closer look at what we are doing to the world around us specifically our water and air. The pollution of Earth’s air can ensue from both human and natural actions, and…show more content…
These pollutants can occur in various sizes and can be comprised from many different types of materials and chemicals. Coal fueled power plants, factories, and automobiles are key causes of particulate pollution. Roughly 81 million Americans live in areas that do not meet national air quality standards for particulate matter. The particulate matter from these sources can become lodged in the lungs and could trigger asthma attacks. Studies have revealed that the amount of hospitalizations related to asthma increase when levels of particulate matter in the air increase (Asthma). Lourdes S. Arizpe, Margaret Priscilla. Stone, and David C. Major in their book, “Population and Environment: Rethinking the Debate,” surmise that, “Material resources are indeed finite, and the more of them we use, the sooner they will be exhausted.” The essence of their argument is that we don’t often think about what happens to our waste when we flush the toilet or how the damming of a water way effects the natural aquifers. We don’t reflect on what is released into the water by our local factories and how it can affect us personally. We don’t see that we are using up our fresh water supply faster than it can be replenished, and we may not notice until it is too late. In his article “The Numbers Game” Jim Motavalli declares that “One study suggests that most of the entire Western United States, already severely water
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