Stranger Than Fiction Sequence

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#1 Stranger Than Fiction’s opening sequence is a single sequence shot, where the camera is flying in from space towards the earth, continuing down over a city, flying by building with a low frequency “Whoosh”, through buildings via open windows, and coming to a stop inside a darkened room, centered on a wrist watch with a fluorescent blue display. A voice over begins and says “This is the story of Harold Crick, and his wrist watch”, (Voice over by Karen Eiffel, played by Emma Thompson). The sequence continues showing a typical mundane day for Harold Crick, (Played by Will Farrell), a Senior Agent for the Internal Revenue Service, and concludes showing Harold going to bed, then it cuts to show a man giving his son a bicycle as a gift, and a young woman searching the classified ads for a job. Throughout the sequence the voice over describes the way Harold approaches life. Illustrating his peculiarities are “Document like Graphics” interlaced with Harold on the screen, highlighting Harold’s affinity for documented facts and figures, and the voice over occasionally interjects thoughts from Harold’s watch. The…show more content…
For much of my life I have felt I have just been going through the motions, not living my life to the fullest. I have dreams that have gone unrealized, and a few regrets, and this film speaks to that condition. In a kind of quirky way, this film cries out for each of us to live the life we’ve always wanted. Get involved with those around us. Too often we become mired down in day to day minutia, and by the time we shake ourselves awake, more years have passed than are still left for us to live. When I saw this film was an option for this assignment, I was thrilled. I have recommended this film to friends and family, the casting is perfect, the music scores the film perfectly, the story is quirky and a bit off center, and it all combines into in a truly great
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