Stranger Things: Science Fiction

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The newly released series stranger things, fits in to various genres but the genre that it fits into the most are science fiction (sci-fi), the series was released in 2016 and produced by The Duffer Brothers. With a variety of codes and conventions used throughout the television series ‘and it has captured the audience of teenagers and young adults. The first couple of minutes we are introduced to the setting and the time. The setting which we are introduced is the primary setting throughout the episode.
At the beginning of the episode 1 in stranger things the audience is given a feel of the 80’s; the time and setting when it was displayed as the episode starts ‘Indiana, Hawkins, 1983’. The scene changes where the hawking national laboratory
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His mother is up and ready for work as his brother is making breakfast, as they realise that Will isn’t up yet, Joyce goes and check on him, she finds him missing. She searches the house that and call mikes mom to find out if he had stayed over, after confirming that he hadn’t stayed over she immediately knew something was wrong. This is very cliché that the mother, Joyce, looks like she’s very unorganised and some viewer ca relate to this, as in the they know a person that is that have similar traits to Joyce. We are then introduced to the sheriff, Chief Jim Hopper-he is a drunk, when will’s mother reported that he was missing. After collecting information from his friends and others, continuing on he discovers will’s bike. When he discovered this he started to sympathise with Joyce. Later the sheriff gathers a search party to look for will, we learn more about him through this about why he’s a drunk (we learn that he had lost his daughter not too long ago and gathers the search party because he understands what it feels like to lose someone; this is also something the audience can appeal to, the loss of a loved one). The character ‘eleven’ is a young girl that that doesn’t has a small vocabulary and is very selective with her words. After escaping the hawking national laboratory, eleven then comes across a diner and she sneaks in to find food. She caught by the owner, he tries to help
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