Stranger's Hat-Personal Narrative

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We went on for what seemed like hours “playing” this game. I had lost the amount of times he hit me away from his hat. It was easy to count the bruises at first until they started overlapping one another. They formed after each hit as if I was a peach getting hit with a spoon over and over. I was an easy bruiser, but not as easy as this. Yet I persisted. Each time I went for the hat I felt like I got closer and closer, however, the Stranger kept stopping me in my tracks. His keen senses were on point with every attempt I had done in taking his top hat. The bruises from my body finally caught up to me as I felt each of them randomly pounding against my skin. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath when he took advantage of me. His hunch stretched…show more content…
My eyes drooped before finally sealing themselves closed. It only lasted for a second thought, as a bright light and a small pop, followed by his shriek of terror, brightened my eyes to open back up. Another flash of light popped next to me, then another. The man pushed off of my back leaving my body on the ground in a broken mess. I gasped for air like a maniac. My chest burned with each breath I took, but at this point I embraced it each time with my uncontrollable desperation for air. I watched as the bits of light continued to hit the ground. The once malicious demon now ran off in front of me, swiping his top hat with his free hand as he made his escape. Following him were the flashes of light on the ground. Shortly after the man ran past the arch of dead trees and disappeared into the unknown the sound of pattering footsteps emerged from behind me. Whispers were made as I began to calm my breathing. I couldn’t understand what they were saying as they tried to keep their voices away from me. One of the set of footsteps made their way around to the front of me before I shut my eyes again. Once the footsteps became silent the presence of a palm pressed gently onto my neck. The feeling of warmth and softness quickly flowed through my body, warming up the death and despair from before with hope and hospitality. It laid there for a while before pulling itself away from me. A voice raised itself up to speak but was quickly silenced by
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