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An Essay on the book Strangers from a Different Shore by Ronald Takaki Concerning the question: “In what ways did the experience of Asian immigrant women differ from that of Asian men? Use examples from at least two different Asian ethnic groups in your answer.” February 8, 2008 CES 302 Book Essay Strangers from a Different Shore by Ronald Takaki Since the beginning of time there has been a distinct division between the sexes. Through sheer definition there is a physical difference between the two but as time has passed there has been an indisputable recognition of the differences in personality and cognition. There are also undeniable differences in the life experiences had by the two sexes that…show more content…
They were instructed to be an honorable wife and mother obeying the male in which whom they were in contact, whether it be their father, husband, or eldest son. Also, women in these cultures, especially in the Chinese culture, were kept at home along with their children because the other family members hoped to use them as a ploy to keep their wandering song from forgetting to send money home and about their family back home. (Takaki, 36). It wasn’t uncommon that women were brought over against their will. While men generally chose to go, many women had no choice; their husbands had decided for them or they were brought as prostitutes. (Takaki, 65). It also wasn’t uncommon for Chinese women to be at home hoping for their husbands return, but to much surprise their husbands had married a Hawaiian to help pass their time way from home. (Takaki, 169). Due to their lack of encouragement to journey to America, the lack of choice to not go if they didn’t want to, and the burden to be a domestic goddess while their husbands were off in America with who knows are just a few reasons why their experiences were completely different. Korean men made the journey to America as a way to start anew and generate new opportunities. Some saved for the expensive trip and some signed contracts in order to work off the cost of their trip. Korean women’s journey to America was one that offered much more difficulty and disappointment. Korean picture brides was a common
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