Strategic Action Disney 's International Business Essay

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MKT 220 Buyer Behavior (Assessment 1) Part A HONG KONG DISNEYLAND: WHEN BIG BUSINESS MEETS FENG SHUI, SUPERSTITION AND NUMEROLOGY Question 1: Which strategic action Disney took in terms of consumer focused initiative? Give Example Disney has launched its theme parks in three international markets (Tokyo, Paris, and Hong Kong). In the Disney’s globalization strategies, they have got one lucky success in Japan, one fail in France and additional success in Hong Kong after failure in France. In which country Disney’s international business is success? In which country is failure? Let’s find out and consider, what are the causes of success and failure? Tokyo Disney was launched in 1983 and it was a huge success even if Tokyo Disney was a copy-cat of its American theme park. I believe that behind success, there were Japanese characteristics. For example, Japanese are usually keen to adopt western cultures which mean that Disney characters and management style were not significant problem in Japan. Japan tends to easily accept that a foreign culture. Accept without any criticism, without the traditional interpretation of foreign cultures. Japan 's isolation in the geopolitical side is always a strong interest in and curiosity about foreign cultures. Disney also could be a successful business in Japan because of the generosity of the Japanese people for foreign cultures. With a great success, Disney launched Euro Disneyland but they faced many problems. The huge mistake they
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