Strategic Action Plan for Hotels

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Strategic Action Plan for Hotel Introduction Hotel managers are concerned with many factors relating to hotel operation and with the economy still being weak and the effects of restrictive legislation on business combined with events many times beyond their control, hotel managers face challenges for development of strategies for successful operation. Among the primary issues faced by Hotel, management is such as talent, technology, sustainability, crisis management, as well as other such challenges. For the purpose of this particular study, the issue of crisis management will be at focus. A crisis is such that may result in "a high-damage impact" and has the potential to "devastate and organization and drive it into the ground, kill it, or, at best, leave it reeling." (A Framework for Crisis Management, nd) One problem with strategic management for crises type events is that there is a great deal of ambiguity in the process because the potential types of crises that may occur are undefined in nature leaving much to speculation. I. Crisis Management The work entitled "A Guide to Developing Crisis Management Plans" reported to have been developed by NTA's Market Development Council in March 2000 and updated in January 2003 begins by stating that the travel industry "offers exciting opportunities for travelers to experience destinations across the globe. A crisis management plan is designed to provide guidelines for a practical communications system that is adaptable for
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