Strategic Alliances : The Value Of Channel / Strategic Partners

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Strategic Alliances: The Value of Channel/Strategic Partners The following is a review of CSI’s historical Channel Partnering Strategies, which have been developed over the last fifteen years to assist in delivering collaboration solutions by offering clients, value and choice. The review also provides several examples on specific CSI strategies, including how we were able to collaborate with Channel Partners to solve specific client service, or service delivery needs. Background on the Changing Nature of the Workplace The nature of the workplace is evolving faster today than at any time in the past. Historically, employees were located in one business location and worked in defined work groups with the same individuals on a daily…show more content…
This new work environment has given rise to many technology trends that enable better communications and collaboration between the various stakeholders in the extended enterprise. You can imagine end users relying on the extended enterprise of those with the information, as a network of computers connected to the enterprise through a router or switch. All of the networked computers are going to have needs. Sometimes it requires a lot of processing power and sometimes it requires a little. Sometimes all of the networked computers will need something at once. To make the system work it is not enough to just build a system or infrastructure capable of the common tasks. There needs to be a supercomputer or nests of computers with the resources to tap into when needed. It has to be flexible to provide a lot of power to a few tasks, or some power to many tasks. The challenge is to build this infrastructure in the most efficient way possible. A prime example of using an extended enterprise to efficiently provide information is the Folding@home (F@H) project at Stanford University. Essentially, volunteers sign up for the program and allow F@H to tap into their personal computers’ unused
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