Strategic Analysis -- AXA

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A Strategic Analysis of AXA
Industries: Insurance/Financial Services

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Executive Summary

This report has to do with the investigation into AXA insurance company including internal analysis, external strategic analysis and strategy formulation. It is designed to analyse the whole organisation and make recommendations related to the problems. AXA is a French global investment, retirement and insurance group. The AXA Group involves five operating business segments: Life & Savings, Property & Casualty, International Insurance (including
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According to the annual report, the main operational activities involve five different business segments namely Life & Savings, Property & Casualty, International Insurance (including reinsurance), Asset Management and other Financial Services (including banks).AXA is one of the most famous brands being a multinational company focusing mainly on insurance. Their services have also expanded, with a range of insurance available to buy. The main aspects are personal and business insurance. To be more specific, personal insurance involves car, pet, home, travel insurance and business insurance includes Employers’ liability insurance, Public liability, Commercial landlord insurance and so on. Besides, there are other types of insurance which are shop insurance, Fleet and haulage insurance etc.

1.2 Current Market Position
AXA Group Market Capital: £43.46 billion. (Yahoo, 2013)
Investments from insurance activities: €605,823 million. (AXA, 2013)
Average insurance spend per Head in UK: 4475 US dollar per capital (OECD, 2012).
Please see Appendix 1 for the statistics about different countries’ average insurance spend.

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