Strategic Analysis For Ict Business

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Strategic Analysis Portfolio Name: Student Number: Introduction In any business, strategic is the main part for the business sector in the world. Strategic management is an organizational management activity that is utilized to manage the organizational decision. Strategic analysis is the basic sector for the business. So, it is more essential for analyzing the business strategy. Many marketing planning like as behavioral, strategic, commercial etc very good for a great business. So, this sector is very crucial for the business sector of any country. In the organization, strategic management can be practiced by the manager to get more extra advantages and extra business advantages to create more profits also. Then strategic analysis for ICT business in India and Bangladesh has been analyzed by using Porter’s five forces model. Lastly this essay also provides some critical success factors for the ICT business in India and Bangladesh. Here, the different factors for ICT business in global concern have been discussed in this essay. ICT industry in India and Bangladesh are discussed here mentioning the key drivers with strategic analysis. Knowledge and Understanding a) Researching and evaluating a range of key issues in strategic management. ICT business of India & Bangladesh are increasing day by day. Some strategic management is also seen in these processes. According to Lessem (1987), different countries follow different rules and prepare different policies
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