Strategic Analysis : Google, Inc.

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Strategic Analysis Case Study: Google, Inc.
Amber Reynolds
MBA 5101, Strategic Management and Business Policy
Dr. James Schindler

Strategic Analysis is the process of developing a strategy for a firm or company by researching the business, its market, the environment, and other factors in which it operates. This paper will be discussing the strategic analysis of the internet giant, Google, Inc.
General Overview Professionally, Google is known as a company based in California that is labeled as an internet company which is multi-national. It provides online searching, as well as cloud computing, software, and advertising. The company actually didn 't start off as a company, but rather as a research project back in 1996. The project was being conducted by Sergey Brin and Larry Page who at the time were studying at Stanford University as PhD students. At the time, in internet-land, the search engines that existed operated where they ranked the results by counting the number of times keywords results were on a page. The two students came with a better idea (called PageRank at the time), that looked at relationship between websites. It would rank websites by determining its relevance, which was based on the importance of pages, and the number of pages, and how it linked back to the main website. After the idea 's creation, the two founders made the project into a business, and changed the name to "Google", which is a neat miss-spelling of the
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