Strategic Analysis Of Pixar, Winston Churchill

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Strategic Analysis: Pixar Winston Churchill once stated “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results”. The current business environment is rapidly evolving due to the pressures of changing technology as well as the increasing demands firms are under to expand regionally and globally. Successful organizations in this often chaotic and changing environment must continually scan their internal and external conditions in order to respond proactively to market conditions and new trends. Firm leadership needs to not only have a vision for the organization’s future but also the ability to critically analyze the internal processes and structure of the firm in comparison to the outcomes or results of the firm’s current orientation. Strategy and vision are meaningless if the way they are being executed does not provide the organization a sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore it is critical that firm leadership examine how their organization is implementing their strategy to determine its effectiveness and results. When examining how a firm is implementing their strategy they should examine the internal organization and processes of the organization. Within this paper we will examine how Pixar has utilizes processes and principles such as behavioral controls, culture, boundaryless organization, learning organization, employee empowerment, and a dispersed culture of creativity/entrepreneurial to retain its current market position as a

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