Strategic Analysis for Pfizer Company

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Strategic Analysis for Pfizer Incorporated
Strategic Analysis Competition, typically the most powerful external force, is increased by the advent of globalization. The number of companies and the number of countries where these companies operate and the way governments are dealing with the impacts of globalization is accelerating. The interaction of changes in government policy and business innovation has actually made globalization even faster. If a company does not become a global, it would simply be shut out of new markets. The reasons for the turmoil are numerous: a sputtering economy, increased global competition, the implementation of new technologies that displace jobs, the deregulation of certain industries, and the general
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Moreover, one may be able to find more potential business partners in exporting to other countries. One may find a business partner that is willing to cater to and audience of Pfizer’s pharmaceutical products from another country. According to their statement, citizenship defines their part in the international communities; therefore, it also defines their conduct, so as to help make the world better. In this statement, one can conclude that being part of an international community, for Pfizer, may help not only bring in profit but also help the world in Pfizer’s own pace and way. Environmental influences, such as diseases and illnesses form the need for pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer. Having such needs may help in strengthening the company. The constant demand for products that the company produces may increase their production rate, also their potential income. As mentioned in the theory of Supply and Demand, there is a relationship between the increase or decrease for a product and the increase and decrease for the supply of the certain good. It also includes the part played by the price. Other environmental influences, such as competition, may fuel the company’s desire to create more and better products that could well determine their location and standing in the global market. Increase in the number of competitors for the same line of products may mean that there

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