Strategic Analysis for Ryanair to Enter China

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Strategic Analysis for Ryanair to Enter China Submitted in part fulfilment of the Master September 2010 STRATEGIC BUSINESS ANALYSIS (ULMS 719) University of Liverpool Management School 17 September 2010 Abstract Ryanair, the leader of low-fare carriers in Europe, will expand its business throughout the world. This report discusses the strategies which Ryanair entre the Chinese market. Through PESTEL analysis and SWOT analysis to have sophisticated understandings of the Chinese market situation and the civil aviation environment, then after a series of considerations, eventually, Ryanair makes the decision to cooperate with China Southern Airlines in the form of a joint venture. Based on this, Ryanair has set up…show more content…
Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------30 References-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------32 List of Tables and Figure Table1. The Development of Civil Aviation in Recent Years--------------------------------- 9 Table2. Ryanair’s SWOT Analysis ---------------------------------------------------------------- 15 Table3. Highlights of Ryanair’s Finances -------------------------------------------------------- 16 Table4. Key Statistics Comparison between Railways, Highways and Civil Aviation------19 Figure1. Comparison of Average Fares in four airlines -----------------------------------------16 1. Introduction Low-cost carriers mainly operate high-volume passenger traffic on short-distance routes, use second-level airports, and offer no extra services. Given
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