Strategic Analysis on Ryanair

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Ryanair was founded in 1985 by the Ryan family, which was headed by Tony Ryan. It was the first budget airline in Europe, modeled after the successful US carrier, Southwest Airlines. It was founded to provide scheduled passenger airline services between Ireland and the UK, as an alternative to then state monopoly carrier, Aer Lingus. At the beginning, Ryanair was a full service conventional airline, with two classes of seating, leasing three different types of aircraft. Despite growth in passenger volumes, by the end of 1990, the company faced a great conflict, disposing of
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The PESTEL shows that the external environment mainly works into opportunities for Ryanair with some unpredictable factors that might threaten the business operation. Example of this unpredictable factor is the fuel price. The fluctuation of fuel price might work into the advantage or disadvantage of Ryanair. For Ryanair to thrive in its business operation, it ought to overcome these rampant external factors and exploit the external factors that would improve their business operation such as the EU expansion. With the EU expansion, Ryanair can expand the

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