Strategic And Financial Management Style Of Comcast Communications

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Executive Summary
This report examines the strategic and financial management style of Comcast Communications and proposes methods for financial monitoring and control. Material reviewed includes corporate reports, newspaper articles, and peer reviewed journals that offer insight into the strategy and expansion plans of Comcast. Results of the analysis showed that Comcast tends to expand by means of acquisition, and that the company has recently shifted its focus to emphasize customer service. The limitations of this report included the inability to comprehensively forecast the direction of emerging technologies and the direction of the telecommunications industry within the next five years, and the trend of executive compensation in
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As part of this new strategy, the company has dedicated itself to the hiring of 5,500 new customer service representatives (CSRs) over the next three years, as well as boosting training for current and future CSRs. The company also plans to roll out technological upgrades to enhance the customer experience, including the ability to fix problems onsite immediately and offering customers a callback service to eliminate the need to stay on hold for long periods of time. Implementing financial monitoring and control strategies will also play a pivotal role in implementing these strategies.
Problem Areas of Monitoring and Control
Management Reserves and Contingency Reserves
Management reserves and contingency reserves are portions of the total project budget that is set-aside and typically controlled by the project manager to cover the unplanned problems that are likely to occur but cannot be defined or planned for in advance. These funds can also be used to mitigate previously identified risk. The lack of management reserves and contingency reserves has been an issue for Comcast. Project manages become overly optimistic with their budget estimates. Comcast, does not have a process in place where project teams go through the project plan/budget and evaluate any possible risk.
Real-Time Data Monitoring
Real-time data monitoring allows information to be delivered immediately

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