Strategic And Long Term Planning

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The goal of strategic and long term planning is to help the companies in building marketing objectives and to create a better vision for the business to build and prosper. An extensive plan should be concrete as well as flexible to serve as a framework to identify issues, evaluate them, plan change of management and implement them. It is also equally prudent to collaborate and gather stakeholders to analyze what is going wrong in the system and move forward into fixing them. The formulation of strategic plan must also show the motives, guidelines, and procedures for the company executives to move along with the company’s goals, objectives, and rules into a collated document. The establishment of a project/plan also needs much research,…show more content…
The initial amount of $200,000 has been collected through shareholders while other remaining amount is to be available from loans through Bank of Aus Ltd. Elleso’s vision: Elleso’s coffee is making the best chance of creating a relaxing ambience place where consumers can meet and greet with themselves in a very comfortable and relaxing environment while enjoying the best brewed coffee or espresso and pastries around the area. We are in the business of giving our customers the best possible service to have a relaxing time and relieve their daily stresses by giving them a piece of mind through great coffee, open location, excellent customer service, and products of consistently high quality. Elleso coffee is also planning to invest the profits from sales to drive staff satisfaction. Key performance indicators (KPI) The main critical success factors for the coffee shop can be attributed to store design/ environment that are set up to be visually and psychologically attractive and relaxing to the customers. It is also set up for quick and efficient business. The other important factor is the employee training to insure there is best coffee taste and they are prepared with great mechanics. The other marketing way is aimed to make a good foundation of base of loyal people, as well as capitalizing on the market by providing high quality products, such as variety in the coffee beverages. Organizational mission/objectives:
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