Strategic And Operational Plans For New Technologies

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Throughout my career I have always been sought after for my experience and skill in being able to fuel an agency’s desire to change and adopt a culture that thrives on innovation and I have been successful, by authoring the strategic and operational plans, necessary to move the agency business goals forward. I have implementing the corresponding governance oversight to ensure that the plans result in the successful adoption of new technologies. Over 20 years of experience in providing expert, high-level technical advice and counsel to the CIO, executives, stakeholders, and users on matters that affect or relate to current and existing IT, planning, functions and programs. Serve as a technical strategy advisor on projects requiring…show more content…
The OCIO workforce has embraced their involvement in contributing to the plan and is now aligning budgets, developing projects, and executing upon the USPTO Strategic IT Plan for 2014-2018 that is based on these foundational efforts. While working at the USPTO, I have demonstrated extensive knowledge and experience in fueling and driving an innovative culture using contemporary and emerging information technology tools, approaches, concepts and products within my role to transform the USPTO OCIO into a better service provider culture through DevOps.

I am currently leading the OPG organization that brings DevOps to reality by providing the glue between the developers and the operations teams to truly deliver faster quality outcomes with seamless end-to-end quality assurance. Working with CIO, I consolidated the quality assurance and delivery automation capabilities within the OCIO to provide this seamless end-to-end quality assurance. I lead the organization that works in between Dev and Ops to provide continual and quick feedback to developers about their software being developed by working alongside developers. I’ve moved the quality assurance team earlier in the development process having them automate software test cases while software is being developed (“in sprints”) by following a testing structure that improves the collaboration between the teams. I’ve
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