Strategic And Tactical Approaches Of Coca Cola

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Critical analysis of the strategic and tactical approaches of Coca-Cola The following essay shall discuss the importance of brand management and brand campaigning. The company chosen for the essay is “Coca-Cola”. In the first part of the essay we shall see how Coca Cola has retained itself as a top most brand in the beverage industry globally. Another very important part of this essay is the brand proposal for Coca Cola- launching a new product, snacks and how the company can add to its product lines and product mixes. How important is brand reputation and brand campaigning, has been explained in depth throughout the essay. Part One: The Coca-Cola Company, incorporated on September 5th, 1919 is a well known beverage company. The company…show more content…
From the happiness flag to the event launched music, the brand has created an impact which has touched people emotionally in terms of local and also in global scale. Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign has also been effective to create an everlasting impression among the young generation and has successfully enhanced its social media account Brand manifestations are an important aspect of promoting a new product in a market as well as retaining the brand goodwill of existing products. A brand is not merely the logo and slogan of a company or product, it is a sense of belonging that emphasizes on the bond that is present between its all stakeholders. In Wally Olin’s concept of brand manifestations we see that he addresses a brand through a very live example of a tribe. A brand needs a human touch, emotions and values are very crucial to a company who wants to grow not just revenue wise but as a family rather. A company is successful in the long run only when it is able to connect with its audience and customers emotionally (The Independent, 2014). Just like a tribe manifests its core ideas and values by the way it functions, similarly a company is also perceived by the people the way it performs – responsibly or the other way round. Every company must also have an aspect of anthropology in it where it should be responsible corporate wise and goodwill wise as well. Brand story telling is very necessary as a
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