Strategic Approach For Recruitment And Retention

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Introduction In today’s ever-changing work environment, it is imperative that manufactures maintains their employment levels in order to remain competitive. Recruiting and retaining the right people, and then keeping them happy and productive is critical to the future success of a company. A strategic approach to recruitment and retention becomes more important as labour markets change and become more competitive (Zinni, Mathis & Jackson, 2011, p. 182). According to Zinni, Mathis & Jackson (2011, p. 182), strategy is a general framework that provides guidance for actions. Companies driven by manufacturing such as Motors and More Inc., must determine how they will recruit the best engineers and production workers to gain a competitive advantage. A strategic human resources (HR) plan will help them align HR strategies with organizational goals and plans. Building awareness of the importance of employee retention is also essential. The costs associated with employee turnover can include lost customers and business as well as damaged morale. In addition, there are costs incurred in screening, verifying credentials and references, interviewing, hiring and training a new employees. Retention strategies strengthen the ability of a business to attract and retain their workforce. Once the right people have been selected, retention practices can provide the tools necessary to support staff (LMF for Yukon, n.d). In this paper, we will describe how many people Motors and More
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