Strategic Assignment

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ARGOS | STRTEGIC PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION AND STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT | Assignment | KEHUL KAVAIYA 7/22/2010 | Edexcel Level 7 BTEC Postgraduate Advanced Diploma Management Studies ASSESSMENT ACTIVITY: UNIT No: 04 & 17 UNIT NAME: Strategic Planning and Implementation & Strategic Marketing Management By: KEHULKUMAR NAROTTAMDAS KAVAIYA Student ID: STUD-7266 Company: Argos Limited Type | Public | Industry | Retailer | Founded | 1973 | Head Office | Milton Keynes, England, UK | Key People | Oliver Stocken (Chairman) | Type of Product | Consumer Goods | Owner | Home Retail Group Plc. | Web site | | Revenue | £4.3bn (2009) | Index * Task 1 (a)…show more content…
A business needs identify its strengths and weaknesses in their competitor’s relation across the entire of the business. The aim of audit provide the perfect information about every particular department and if possible very good to use the accounting or statistical data for the information. External Auditing: A business needs to analyse external areas such as Political, Economic issue, Social issue, Technological change, Competition, Culture, Ethics, Environment and Pressure group. External auditing is very important for all business. All business needs to PEST analyse for getting success in future. Government authorization polices in health and safety, taxation and competition, and employment are all affect to employers and businesses. The influence of government is ascending into new location of the business environment like environmental and ethical issue. Currency value, rate of interest, unemployment, and economical changes is playing their role on getting success in the business. The business needs to be aware of changing environment. Argos mission statement is identifying customers and meeting their needs. This statement clearly state
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