Strategic Audit: Buffalo Wild Wings

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Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3) Ticker - BWLD Strategic Audit Proposal Buffalo Wild Wings is currently the leader in serving Buffalo wings and beer where customers get to enjoy their favorite sporting events. The financial performance of BW3 has been nothing short of excellent. Their sales have increased by 10% while BWLD shares have increased 29% in the last year alone. Their major strategy to continue this growth is entering new demographics in the US, Canada, and soon the UK. A possible threat to BW3 strategy is the new entrance of McDonalds into the wings industry. In addition to the price of chicken wings, and how the restaurant industry is truly competitive, BW3 and Hooters are known as the places to go for wings, but with…show more content…
The only insider is Sally J. Smith who has been a director since she arrived at BW3 in 1996. Warren E. Mack has been on the board the longest. He has been there since 1994. Then follows Dale M. Applequist in 1997, J. Oliver Maggard in 1999, James M. Damian in 2006, Michael P. Johnson also in 2006 and finally Jerry R. Rose in 2010. All of the directors on the board deserve to be there with all of their experience. Together they have a well-rounded portfolio including international accounting, marketing, advertising, legal and investment. B. Top Management The top management was mostly brought in externally. A lot of the management though was taken in from positions where they started at in BW3. Currently the top management has been around in their position for years on end. They all show that they have been successful so far at BW3 in their careers. With success, it shows that they are responsible. Sally J. Smith is 54 years old and she has been with BW3 since July 1996. Currently her position is the Chief Executive Officer and president. She came from Dahlberg Inc were she was a Chief Financial Officer. Mary J. Twinem is 51years old and has been with the company since 1995. She started at the company being the Controller, moved up to be the Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer a year later, and has held that position since. James M. Schmidt is 52 years old and currently is the Chief Operating

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