Strategic Audit : Tesla Motors

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Name Course Institution Tutor Date Strategic Audit - Tesla Motors I: Current situation Tesla motors has grown over the past few years which has made it vulnerable to the other competitors. The competitors of this company are large and wealthy which makes its position in the market to be competitive. It was the first motor company to introduce the skimming approach of marketing which has made it to have a larger market share as compared to its major competitors ( a) Current performance Image link: The picture above shows the performance of the company in terms of returns since 2011 to date. This analysis shows that the company has shown a growth of 10,000 for the past few years. As an auto manufacturer, the growth and performance of the company has been spearheaded by its marketing strategies. b) Strategic posture The posture of the company is composed of its mission and objectives, its strategies and the patent policies. Its mission and objective is “to accelerate the world transition to sustainable transport”. The strategies of the company include the use of price skimming whereby they attract the richest population first. This strategy has enabled the company to get many customers and revenues which have helped in Improvement of the company. It has maximized the use of its resources to enable further innovation. The patent policy of the company has made

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