Strategic Audit of Harley Davidson

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Value Chain The series of activities that are enacted by a firm that add value to a product beyond the cost of the production are referred to as the value chain. Harley Davidson offers a combination of superior performance and unique attributes within its value chain that promotes their core competencies and provides them with a competitive advantage. Operations Harley Davidson’s approach to the manufacture of motorcycles creates value as raw materials evolve into sellable products. The 40,000 square meter plant in Kansas City, Missouri is laid out in a fashion that permits the backward integration of components within the production facility. From the fabrication of parts to the production of engines onsite, a single V-Rod is…show more content…
Combine that with a standard 6.2-liter V8 engine and plenty of technology, and it delivers power, capability and style like no other.” (Ford Motor Company) Matco Tools has also released limited edition double and triple bay toolboxes that feature the branding of Harley Davidson. Other branding includes movie placement such as in the recent release of Captain America, where a 1942 WLA Liberator is featured in the movie. The firm’s recent addition of the HD-1 Customization service offer customers to find not only a Harley Davidson motorcycle, but also provide fitting services based upon body type, accessory and paint variations. Attempting to appeal to a younger market segment that leans toward sport bikes and off road bikes, the Company has released the Dark Custom series designed to appeal to young adults ages 18-34. The Dark Custom series is able to use similar manufacturing processes with aesthetic differences such as the use of less chrome and different paint schemes that are easily changed at the factory level. For customers seeking the ultimate in personalization, Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) produces motorcycles that are hand-made. Where the Kansas City plant can produce 50,000 V-Rods per day in standard production, each CVO technician produces 2 motorcycles per day. This level of production, though dramatically less efficient,
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