Strategic Audit on T-Mobile Essay

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Strategic Audit on T-Mobile Contents Company Profile 3 Vision and Mission Statement and Company Objectives 3 Competitive Strategy of T-Mobile 4 Business Model Used by T-mobile 4 Company’s Ethics and Social Responsibility 5 Porter’s Five Forces Model 5 Driving Forces 6 Industry Rivals Positioned 6 Key Factors for Being a Success in the Market 6 References 8 Company Profile T-Mobile US, Inc., which was earlier MetroPCS Communications, Inc., became corporate on March 10, 2004. T-Mobile is a carrier of wireless communication, and it also provides services with wireless broadband mobile mainly in the metropolitan areas of US which includes Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles,…show more content…
The company’s mission statement is to become the world’s highest rated service providing company. With reference to the mission statement, the main objective of the company is to satisfy customer needs and give the best service to the customers across the world. Because of this, the company provides variety of innovative and user friendly products and services. The vision statement of the company is based majorly on three corporate values which are providing customers with reliability, simplicity and inspiration Everywhere in the world the consumers can tally on the release of our three corporate values – reliability, simplicity and inspiration. It creates the inspiration by giving innovative services that fulfill the daily life goal of the customers. Apart from concentrating on the customers, the company also takes part in various activities for the betterment of the society as a CSR activity (T-Mobile, 2014). The financial and strategic objectives of the company revolve around the single objective of having a continuous growth in the company’s revenue and also increase the sales volume by providing the best value added service to the customers. Competitive Strategy of T-Mobile T-Mobile US Inc. has shown higher growth rate than its biggest competitor AT&T Inc. for the last two quarters in 2013 which shook the whole of US market. From March 2013, T-Mobile has positioned its products as the best choice by

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