Strategic Business Plan for Club IT

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Club IT Time To Get This Business Rocking Introduction As a start-up in a very competitive industry, Club IT has to concentrate on delivering consistently excellent customer experiences that are memorable and differentiated enough to bring customers back again and again. Choosing a customer orientation strategy will make this achievable, and will also serve to unify the diverse technology, system, process and procedural decisions the founders must make in order to gain the full value of their IT investments. Technologies and systems need to be used to bring customers to the very center of their business model. Accounting and finance, supply chain management, talent management, and especially promotional, marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) systems all must be orientated to making each customers; experience memorable and differentiated from the many other clubs in the area. How System and Technology Can Compliment Their Strategic Vision What Club It must do is unify the entire business model first and foremost around the customer. The pervasive adoption of social networks can provide Club IT with a strong foundation to stay connected with customers, sharing coupons, promotional programs and special events online literally within seconds. Club IT's information systems structure must be able to integrate with CRM and social media applications including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and especially YouTube at the analytics layers of these networks to track

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