Strategic Capabilities Of Dyson Using Analytical Frameworks

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Introduction This report aims to identify and analyse the strategic capabilities of Dyson using analytical frameworks in order to answer the question ‘Is Dyson a distinctive company?’ Dyson Limited is a British designer and manufacturer of domestic appliances founded in 1993. Today, they employ nearly 5,000 people, a third of them engineers and scientists and they export machines to more than 65 countries. (Dyson: Overview, no date) Their product range includes vacuums, fans and hand dryers. (About Dyson, no date) The techniques used to answer the reports driving question are; to first identify the overall strategic capabilities, then discuss the risk of competition and the extent at which any of the capabilities can be imitated by competitors. Next Dyson’s competitive advantage will be discussed before finishing with recommendations on how to manage and sustain these capabilities in a changing world. Finally the report concludes with a summary of the key findings. The Strategic Capabilities of Dyson Johnson describes a company’s strategic capabilities as “the capabilities of an organisation that contribute to its long-term survival or competitive advantage” (2014). A company’s strategic capabilities are either resource or competency based and a summary of Dyson’s follow: Strategic Capabilities Resources Competences Patents Innovation and ideation James Dyson Product design The Dyson brand Company culture – Thinking, testing, breaking, questioning The Asian manufacturing

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