Strategic Challenges for Facebook

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Facebook 1 Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Strategic Analysis of Facebook 3 Introduction 3 Analysis of Mission, Vision and Values 3 Internal Analysis: Strengths and Weaknesses 4 Functional Resources and Competencies 4 Strategic Positioning 5 Internal Analysis in the Light of the Profit Framework 6 External Analysis: Opportunities and Threats in the competitive Environment 7 PESTLE Analysis 7 Porter's Five Forces Analysis 8 Analysis of Current Strategy 9 Global Strategy 9 Corporate and Business Strategy 9 Functional Strategy 10 Identification of Strategic and Competitive Challenges 11 SWOT Analysis 12 Cross Impact Analysis 12 Analysis of Strategic Alternatives 12 Strategic Alternative 1: Using an Open Technology Platform 12 Strategic Alternative 2: Market Expansion 13 Strategic Alternative 3: Product and Service Enhancement 13 CONCLUSION 14 Recommendations 14 References 16 Executive Summary This report discusses the strategic challenges for Facebook as it prepares to embark upon a historic growth project. The company has shown rapid growth and popularity because of its unique combination of technological expertise and understanding the needs of its target market of university students. The service has become popular in several universities and in some other countries as well. The founder Mark Zuckerberg intends to run the company as a long-term running enterprise by developing revenue streams and increasing the number of
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