Strategic Change Management: Case Study of ICICI

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Strategic Change ManagementPage 2 Strategic Change Management Case Study Analysis-ICICI Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 5 1. Leading the Stakeholders in Developing a Strategy for Change 6 1.1 Systems Development to Involve Stakeholders in the Change Planning 6 1.2 Development of a Change Management Strategy with Stakeholders 7 1.3 Evaluation of the System Established for Stakeholders Involvement 8 1.4 Creation of a Strategy for Managing Resistance to Change 9 2. Ability to Plan to Implement Models for Ensuring Ongoing Change 10 2.1 Development of Appropriate Models for Change 11 2.2 Planning to Implement a Model for Change 12 2.3 Developing Appropriate Measures to Monitor Progress 14 Conclusion 15 Bibliography 16 Executive Summary The research paper is an analytical report which entails the necessary aspects of the strategic change management. For this purpose, a case study involving the change management in ICICI India was evaluated. This case study provides guidelines for planning and implementing the change management. In the pursuit of understanding the change which needs to be incorporated in to organizational culture and overall ideology, it is necessary to understand the possible stakeholders involved in it. These factors define the outline and direction of this change management strategy. It is important that ideology of the management is considered. In every organization, various methodologies are adopted by the management to

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