Strategic Communication Plan of Cocacola

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Strategic Communications Plan for
Leyla Jafarova
Alexander TEI Thessaloniki, Instructor: Mrs. Milona

Like all functional areas of a company, the Communication Department plays a key role in helping an organization reach its objectives. It makes an organization understandable; it emphasizes its differences; it prioritizes messages for its key audiences. Ultimately, Communications works to package and position an organization - to make sure its messages are clear, coherent and consistent only then, can stakeholders be most supportive.
Strategic communications plan helps you integrate all the organization’s programs, public education and advocacy efforts. By planning a long-term strategy for your efforts,
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All these rumors about Coca-Cola of course damaged the image of the company very much and caused many problems. Sales were going down each year. More and more people didn’t trust Coca-Cola anymore.
Also, Coca-Cola has very strong rivalries. The main one is of course PepsiCo, which is very famous all over the world and has a great variety of products. Thus, Coca-cola can’t afford its image to be damaged because if that happens PepsiCo will become the leader of the industry very fast. Right now Coca-Cola needs a new Strategic Communication Plan to try to overcome the issues.
Strategic Communications Plan for Coca-Cola
Background statement:
Last year, Coca-cola saw its sales decreased in the European market. In order to increase the sales, Coca-Cola needs to define a new strategic communications plan. As mentioned above the image of Coca-Cola has been damaged quite a lot for the past 2 years by different factors. A hard work needed to deal with consequences of this damage in the image of the company.
Rivalries are always close, that’s why Coca-Cola has to be alert to stay competitive. New Strategic Communications plan is going to help the company to deal with problems both inside and outside the company. It will help Coca-Cola to use the strength and opportunities to overcome weaknesses and threats.
Corporate or Business/Functional Objectives: * Accelerate carbonated soft-drink growth, led by Coca-Cola *
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