Strategic Competitiveness

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A – Submit your company’s final cumulative balanced scorecard, income statement and balance sheet. B – Discuss the generic competitive strategy you selected for your company. Include the following in your discussion: What actions were built into your strategic plan to achieve competitive and financial success with that strategy. Why you selected the strategy you used. The company’s competitive strategy exclusively involves the specifics of management’s game plan for competing successfully; its specific efforts to please the customers, its offensive and defensive moves to counter the maneuvers of the competition, its responses to shifting market conditions, its initiatives to strengthen its market position and the specific kind of…show more content…
This was also evident when looking at the Credit Rating and Image Rating. Again, in both categories, Company C went above and beyond all of the competition. Company C appears to have found the right combination to be extremely successful in the Shoe Manufacturing business. C1 – Discuss how successful you were in predicting your competitors’ next moves. It was difficult to predict exactly what the competition’s next moves were. One could surmise that basically, each company wants to make more money than everyone else. Based on that, we would want to determine the best way for our company to make more than our competitor’s, which didn’t turn out too well for F Troop shoes. D – Discuss how sustainable the most dominant competitive advantage achieved by any company with your industry was. Company C ran the gambit on the market. One area of particular note is that of their Stock Price per share. The stock prices began Year 11 at 72.66/share and dramatically increased each and every year; by the time Year 18 arrives, their stock prices are 571.83/share. Their Return on Equity rose just as dramatically; Year 11 Company C was at 23.3%. By the time Year 18 arrives, their Return on Equity was at 53.8%. With numbers like this, Company C will be incredibly sustainable. Their investors will want to continue investing in the
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