Strategic Decision Level Of Strategic Decisions

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1.1.1 Strategic decision level Strategic decision level plays the most important role in any company. They decide the success of the company and they have long period indication towards the company. They involve in most of the departures from practices and procedures. Strategic decisions are unstructured and the manager has to imply his or her business decision, interpretation and instinct into the problem. These decisions depend on some parts of information from environmental factors which are unclear and effective. Strategic decisions are made by the higher level of management. Tactical decision level Tactical decision level is connected to the execution of strategic decisions. They are coordinated towards divisional plans, structuring…show more content…
For example, Shell will invest approximately $80 million to clean up the pollution at Horsehead site in Monaca, Beaver country. The land was the largest zinc smelter in the nation which brings a great disturbance. Shell is setting up the site for a multibillion-dollar petrochemical complex. Shell has the intention to raise the ground level by about six feet and top the metal-loaded soil with concrete, streets and buildings has been permitted by the state Department of Environmental Protection. Shell’s analysis discovered high levels of lead, arsenic and some other contaminants in the soil and groundwater. The analysis assessed a few alternatives including digging up all the contaminated soil. Shell will put between five to seven feet of clean soil on the ground to keep rain water from streaming through the polluted soil layer. Gutters will be built in fragments for two streams going through the property and the organization has installed retention ponds and water treatment system to keep the pollution flowing in to the Ohio river. Shell is drafting the deed it arrangements to file with the Beaver County Clerk of Courts that will determine that the contaminated groundwater from the site can’t be used for drinking or farming. 1.1.3 Unstructured decision Unstructured decision is a decision that will probably get the right answers, it is unknown that can get the correct answer. These decisions are based on
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