Strategic Development And Implementation Of Alibaba Group Essay

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Strategic Development and Implementation Strategic Profile Mohammed Ali MBA 6999 May 03, 2016 Dr. Roundtree South University Alibaba Group Alibaba Group’s mission is to facilitate business everywhere. The firm is the leading mobile and online business firms in the universe with regards to gross products quantity. Established in 1999, the firms offers the basic marketing reach and technology infrastructure to assist companies leverage the Internet’s power to create a presence online and conduct business with numerous clients and other enterprises (Alibaba Group, 2015). Alibaba Group 's major businesses include (Alibaba Group, 2015): • Taobao Market (, China 's leading online shopping destination  (, China 's leading third-party B2C platform for retailers and brands • Juhuasuan (, China 's renowned online group ordering marketplace • Alitrip (, a top online travel service program • Ali Express (, an international online marketplace for customers to purchase directly from China  (, China’s leading universal online, wholesale B2B (small business) platform; • (, top online wholesale B2B market in China • Aliyun (, a cloud computing services provider to entrepreneurs and businesses Transnational Business Strategy International business strategy infers policies that lead business transactions transpiring between

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