Strategic Dimensions Of Sourcing And Shoring Techniques

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. Strategic Dimensions of Sourcing and Shoring Techniques There are a multitude of strategic dimensions associated with sourcing and shoring techniques in the marketplace, conducting business abroad, and conducting business on the home front, or near the home place. These strategic dimensions include (a) domestic outsourcing (b) insourcing (c) backsourcing (d) offshoring (e) offshore outsourcing (f) onshoring (g) nearshoring (h) strategic outsourcing (i) business process outsourcing (BPO) and (j) offshore service providers (OSPs). These sourcing and shoring techniques can be complicated to understand. Domestic outsourcing is when a company decides to let go of an in-house job to go to another domestic company to perform (Koku, 2009). Insourcing is bringing back work internally that was previously outsourced (Nodoushani & McKnight, 2012). Backsourcing is rescinding the product or service back to the home country where it came from originally. Offshoring is when a company from one country outsources work to businesses in another country by either conducting operations in the foreign country, or subcontracting this work out through outsource providers who then transfer this work overseas (Chadee & Ramen, 2009; Koku, 2009). Offshore outsourcing is a hybrid of domestic outsourcing and offshoring, in which a company totally transfers jobs to another company that is foreign-based which has no relation whatsoever to the domestic affiliate, for example, Delta Airlines contracting

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