Strategic Drift of WRSX

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Over the past two years, WRSX have changed their strategy which has caused a strategic drift. Moreover, when spotting the new opportunities and receive better information, WRSX has changed their intended strategies which were already established in the strategic choices. The changes experienced by WRSX were made in order to increase the share price and to boost performance indexes. The agreement not to expand in new market was changed by collaborating with Asian SMEs, In addition, the company drifted from intended strategy of being multi-divisonal and implement the concept of matrix structure. On the first board meeting, WRSX board decided not to take the market opportunity in China because of the intended strategy that was made in the…show more content…
The decisions to create strategic alliance in the Indian advertisement market might be the reason behind that. In the last period, the Corporate Social Responsibility indicators have drastically dropped from 38.5 to 35.5. The reason behind this poor performance could be considered by the wrong decisions making in order to improve WRSX's social profile after the corruption scandal involving the company CEO Raphael Roux. Even though, in order to improve their social responsible profile, a profiting from sustainability agenda was chosen. WRSX is willing to create business ethics by following the current business environment which suggests that companies are willing to cooperate with other companies with clear sustainability policy. The advantage of this is to attract more knowledgeable employees, which on the other hand increase staff costs (184.6) but also increased client attraction and retention (55.6). Another reason for poor performance indicators could be not spotting the possibility to take the market opportunity in China in the first Board Meeting. It could be considered that if this decision was taken in the first place, WRSX would have experience to work with Asian SMEs in Board Room three. Furthermore, WRSX major global clients already trade in China and there is a possibilities to lose them in regards to the misplaced challenge. In addition, the decision to create strategic alliance with Indian

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