Strategic E Business Initiative For Adopting Cloud Computing

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DEN Networks is one of the leading cable TV service providers in India. The services offered by the company includes analogue and digital cable TV and broadband services. The main vision of the company is to be the best in the country in terms of customer service and experience. As part of this vision the company has transformed itself to a consumer centric organization with a B2C business model. This report proposes a strategic E-business initiative to adopt cloud computing to host the IT infrastructure of the company. The enterprises today are facing the pressures to consolidate their IT infrastructure and at the same time improve the business agility. Also with the dynamic business environments there is a constant need to innovate to higher standards. Cloud computing is the way forward to a convenient and dynamic shared pool of customisable computing resources. It delivers rapid results with minimal provisioning. The report list out the various tangible and intangible benefits of implementing cloud. It also looks at the risks of implementing the cloud and measures to mitigate these risks. An implementation roadmap to transition to the cloud is outlined. The timeline is estimated based on implementations done by other enterprises. To further reiterate the significance of the proposal, the case study of implementing cloud by Dish TV is presented. Dish TV has benefited immensely by this initiative. DEN Networks having the same line of business and similar organization
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