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Strategic Entrepreneurial Business Plan San Luis Valley Health (SLV Health) is a non-profit medical organization that consists of two hospitals and five clinics serving patients in several cities and towns in the San Luis Valley. The organization views entrepreneurial focus as a crucial component of medical operations, however, this plan will identifies a comprehensive and practical strategy for the assembly of the overall entrepreneurial business. Establish Core Values and Strategy The first part of the plan is to identify the organization’s purpose and core values. If the organization already has established values, the principals should be reviewed and revised to include fundamentals of entrepreneurship. SLV Health updates the…show more content…
These updated values are what will guide the business to become more entrepreneurial. They will literally, “guide innovation through the business’s practices”. It is important to have a high entrepreneurial focus established in the foundation of the organization. As the guiding forces and ultimate framework of the company, by identifying and incorporating these ideas into the vision and values, these guides allow the firm to constantly re-focus its efforts based on these pillars. “A core part of a company’s strategy for entrepreneurship is the need to approach innovation in a strategic manner (Morris, 2011, p.216).” It is not enough to simply add words to the vision; many companies ignore entrepreneurship in their strategies. To be effective, San Luis Valley Health must focus their efforts on targeted implementation and on changing the organizational culture to match and follow this comprehensive strategy. Develop a Tangible Comprehensive Strategy Because no organization is immune to the constant forces of change, uncertainty and complexity, those forces should be channeled to drive and fuel the competitive landscape. The core values serve as its foundational strategy. “A strategy, at its essence, attempts to capture what the company wants to be and how it plans to get there” (Morris, 2011, p. 206). In order for an organization to cohesively work toward a common objective, a strategic plan must be put into place. The strategy should reflect core values and identify

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