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| Strategic Evaluation Document for Boots | e-Commerce | Words: 4,998 | Ei Cho Mon | MCC Training Institute, Yatanarpon | | Contents 1 Management Summary 3 2. Introduction 4 3. Strategic Evaluation 6 3.1 SWOT analysis 6 Strength 6 Weakness 6 Opportunity 7 Threats 7 3.2 PEST analysis 7 Political 7 Economic 8 Social 8 Technology 8 4. Impact of IS 9 5. E-Marketing Strategy 11 5.1 E-Marketing strategy I will advise the organization to adopt 11 5.2 The value proposition and differential advantage of this strategy 11 6. Legal and ethical issues 13 7. Conclusion 14 8. References 15 1 Management Summary As an experienced…show more content…
This technique is useful for Boots but database size is larger and larger and also data doesn’t flexible. The users, analysts took a long time to research require data. So, this becomes one of the problems for Boots. By using Customer Data Analysis System (CDAS), Boots can solve this problem. One of the purposes of Boots is to change Loyalist customer to New Market and to remain New Market customer as Loyalist. The later, Boots also want to create Campaign Management System to give pleasurable shopping to loyal customer of Boots. To complete these purposes, Boots need to consider the organization’s current position by using SWOT and PEST analysis. 3.1 SWOT analysis Strength * Launching Advantage card scheme- This is a very valid vision. It can improve Boots sales growth and also can get the trust and respect from customers. It can also supply a loyalty market environment. * Real time access over CDAS- It can reduce the time that will take to ask special requests on IS support. By having real time access, analysts can analyst consumer data more effectively. * Making Brand Loyalty over customer- Customer loyalty is one of the important parts for Boots marketing strategy. Having loyalty customers supply Boots to create strong business environment. For an instant, a shopper visiting Boots once a fortnight and buying nappies is probably buying from a number of supply sources whereas one calling
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