Strategic Family Therapy Model : The Theory Comes From Gregory Bateson And The Palo Alto Group

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Strategic family therapy model was developed in the 1950s. The theory comes from Gregory Bateson and the Palo Alto Group with other influences. Milton Erikson, help develop the intervention that strategic family therapy uses. Strategic family therapy seeks to identify the issues within the family that are causes the current problems. Once the issues are identified then the therapist can work with the family to change the behavior. Strategic family therapy is short term treatment which uses reframing, directives, paradox, restraining, prescribing, redefining, ordeals, pretend, and positioning. “Strategic family therapy is a brief form of therapy characterized by the clinician’s specific focus on changing the family behavior associated with the identified problem” (Gardner, 340, 2006). This draws home what strategic family therapy is. By identifying what the problem is then we work towards changing that behavior. This can benefit families who are struggling because it is not blaming one person it helping the family change its behaviors so that the problem is no longer a problem.

The initial session is one where their therapist will observe the family’s interactions. The therapist needs to create a calm and open environment and attempt to the get all family members to participate in the session. This initial session allows the therapist to sit back and watch how the family interacts with one another. The therapist can watch for any outward dysfunctional…
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