Strategic Goals and Management Plan for Harrah's Hotel & Casino.

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About Harrah's

Harrah's Hotel & Casino is an exciting entertainment destination in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, offering its customers first class hotel accommodations, gaming, entertainment and promotions. With so many hotels and casinos in the Las Vegas valley, one must determine its goals and vision to guarantee that it stands out from the competition, offering its customers unprecedented service while providing unique incentives for its employees.

Mission statement.

A company's vision is a "general statement of its intended direction that evokes emotional feelings in organization members." (Dessler, 2003). The mission statement determines the type of business it will be by setting the purpose for the company, and
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Formulate Strategy to Achieve Goal

Standout Strategy:

With a variety of casinos on the strip, it is hard to stand out and become the leading casino on the Las Vegas strip; however, with the right stand out strategy it is not impossible. Harrah's will have to implement a plan to stick out from the rest of the casinos. For example the Mirage has a volcano, Paris has an Eiffel Tower and Treasure Island has a pirate show just to name a few. Do you see a theme? Without a prominent attraction, Harrah's will concentrate on our other features like the reputation of its sister properties, the fun atmosphere, friendly staff and high quality technology to attract its customers.

Second Stop Strategy.

With the help of our sister properties all over the world, Harrah's can encourage customers to visit any other our other Harrah's properties and insure them that they will receive the same wonderful experiences as they do from the Las Vegas property and visa versa. The Harrah's club card will be valid at all Harrah's locations and club card holders are able to increase their points no matter which Harrah's they visit but they earn extra points for playing at the Harrah's on the Las Vegas strip. It is kind of like frequent flyer miles, where the customer can use any airline but will receive better prices or incentives for traveling on a certain airline.

Customer Opinion Strategy.

The customer's

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