Strategic Growth Is A Viable Characteristic For Any Organization

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Strategic growth is a viable characteristic for any organization. Convergence Consulting Group exemplifies this reasoning. Over the past decade, year-over-year growth has become the norm for Convergence. Competing in the ever-maturing market of business intelligence consulting, Convergence must think strategically about how to maintain their growth.

Currently, Convergence is experiencing stagnant growth, which is attributable to the paradigm shift in how organizations gather and analyze enterprise data. The days of building on-premise data warehouses are giving away to cloud-based offerings. While still in the early stages, business intelligence (BI) within the cloud is becoming ever-so-popular with organizations around the globe. Based on this premise, Convergence must implement a strategic initiative to expand their expertise/service into cloud-based BI.

Fact #1

Gartner Inc., the world 's leading information technology research and advisory company, releases a comprehensive report on business intelligence each year. The report, Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, stated that in 2015, 40% of customer surveyed use cloud business intelligence or plan to do so in the next twelve months (Gartner, 2015).

Based upon the increasing number of corporations seeking to implement cloud business intelligence solutions over the coming years, Convergence could position itself as a subject matter expert within cloud business intelligence.

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